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Each month I will be uploading what I eat during the month and the effect it had on me.   Stay tuned…

Crohn’s disease and food poisoning

Hi there, This post is covers my recovery from food poisoning. Day 1 On the third day of my wheat free challenge I got food poisoning from some Japanese Soup. 4 Hours after eating I had bad case of diarrhea, I got home then threw up everything! and continued to throwing up even though my […]

Crohn’s disease wheat allergy

Wheat and Crohn’s disease have a major correlation to how active Crohn’s can be in a person. I’ve been listen to a podcast called “Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis, MD” on the Bulletproof ¬†Executive website. Personally by cutting out wheat I have: lost 25kg in weight reduced my waist size from a size 34 […]

Beat Crohn’s disease naturally – article

Hey guys, I’ve found an amazing article on the internet that sums up what crohn’s disease is and how to beat the disease naturally. Its a very good read especially for those who do not know what the disease is and how it acts.

Effect of dehydration on Crohns disease

Stay hydrated! For years I used to be dehydrated and it affected my Crohn’s disease badly. Check out the Crohn’s and Colitis UK fact sheet on Dehydration and its effect on Crohn’s disease, Colitis and IBD. For the past month I have experimented with staying hydrated and below are my findings. Every morning I woke […]

Crohns disease tshirts and hoodies

If your after some cloths to promote Crohn’s disease, Colitis, J-Pouch, IBD and Ostomy there is a website called “The Great Bowl Movement” and they do a fantastic job of providing t-shirts and hoodies. I have ordered my hoodies and they should be flying in any day now. Check out “The Great Bowl Movement” website […]

Crohn’s disease and toxins

Toxin are constantly building up in our body, especially with my Crohn’s disease I am constantly absorbing toxins through my food. Foods that contain toxins such as mycotoxins and aflatoxins can flair up Crohn’s resulting in fatigue and inflammation in the body. I personally use activated charcoal and benanite clay mixed with water make a […]